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Video: Woodley and ‘Wonderboy’ Go At Each Other On ESPN Interview

UFC 205 had one controversial title fight which included an awkward moment when they announced there was a change in the decision. Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson disputed the welterweight in possession of Woodley, in the end, the bout was ruled a majority draw, which meant Woodley got to keep his belt.

Immediatly after that, he moved on from the fight and started thinking about his next move: a “money fight”, the names that were mentioned besides the one every fighter in the UFC loves to throw around (Conor McGregor) were: Nick Diaz, Georges St-Pierre and even a “Super Fight” with the current middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

However, Stephen Thompson disagreed with Woodley’s decision and claimed a rematch was in order considering the champion didn’t exactly win. Apparently, the UFC agreed with ‘Wonderboy’ and sent him a contract for the rematch. Of course he signed on the spot and was left to wait for the campion to do the same. After being unable to get any other fight, Woodley decided to agree on the rematch to finally leave this episode behind him and continue building his legacy.


Yesterday both fighters stopped by the studio of ESPN and shared an interview that was very entertaining and had a little bit of everything. From Woodley claiming to be the less respected champion in the history of the UFC because of his ethnicity to ‘Wonderboy’ telling Woodley how to be a better champion. And even a moment when they discuss if it was a draw or not:

Woodley: “How did you win the 3rd round? What did you do?”
Thompson: “I out-pointed you, man, what are you talking about?”
Woodley: “So are we fighting or are we pointing each other?”
Thompson: “It’s still a fight. It’s a game, baby. You know how to play the game.”

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