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Watch: Conor McGregor Fastest KO, Just 4 Seconds

After reliving the fastest KOs in the history of the UFC (in case you missed them click here), we imagined some Conor McGregor fans would hound us saying that ‘The Notorious’ has a faster KO than all the ones on the list. Which is true, the Irishman does have a faster KO on his MMA record and we’ll relive it as well.

Back in 2011 nobody outside of Ireland (and even in most places inside of it) knew who Conor McGregor was, but on April 16 he made a mark for himself. Fighting for Immortal Fighting Championship he faced Paddy Doherty in a lightweight bout in Letterkenny, Ireland and it took him only 4 seconds to dismantle his opponent.

The fight began and after dodging one punch from his opponent, McGregor threw his signature left hand which landed right on the chin of his opponent. Yes, in similar fashion to how he would knock Jose Aldo out in 2015.


The video you’re about to see was recorded by Conor McGregor’s most devoted and dedicated fan: Dee Devlin. That’s right, she was there cageside to record the whole thing and cheer her man on as he got a great win.

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