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Video: Watch The Best Moments Of American Hero Tim Kennedy

A veteran of Strikeforce and UFC, Tim Kennedy officially announced his retirement last Tuesday with a very touching message shared on his Facebook page. Tim leaves the cage with a professional record of 18-6 and with wins over some big names like former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler and current middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

Tim has also made a name for himself in his military career, having served in the Army since 2004 where he holds the rank of Sergeant First Class for the 7th Special Forces Group. Since 2009 he transitioned to the Texas Army National Guard as a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.

His retirement may have come as a surprise for many but Tim will forever be a highly respected figure in the world of MMA. Above all Tim is man with strong values and clear principles. Always respectful of his opponents and committed to fight for the future of Mixed Martial Arts athletes.


Today we recap just a few of Tim’s greatest moments in MMA. We start with what he recalls as the greatest moment in his fighting career, winning the main event of Fighting for the Troops 3 with a devastating KO over Rafael Natal.

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