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Video: Watch Tito Ortiz And Cris Cyborg Work On Her Ground And Pound

Cristiane Justino Venancio commonly known as Cris ‘Cyborg’ is considered the best female MMA fighter in the world. With vicious striking and devastating power, Cyborg has been the queen of the featherweight division of Invicta and will probably achieve the same success in the UFC one day.

For now, she has to look for an opponent, a task that shouldn’t be complicated but has proven otherwise in recent months. After making a move to the UFC and being flagged by USADA, ‘Cyborg’ had to see how Invicta crowned an interim champion (Megan Anderson) while the Brazilian figured what the next step for her would be.

Then she had to watch Germaine de Randamie beat Holly Holm at UFC 208 and be crowned as the inaugural featherweight champion of the UFC, an honor that was clearly planned for ‘Cyborg’ when the division was created.


Now, cleared by USADA and ready to get back into the cage, neither de Randamie nor Anderson are particularly interested in taking the fight. The Brazilian hopes things will work out her way and she’ll be fighting for a belt soon. In the meantime she’s improving her ground and pound with one of the most effective fighters in that department in the history of MMA.

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