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Video: Watch The Fastest KO In MMA History, Just 1 Second!

On March 15, 2014 welterweight Mike Garret knocked out Sam Heron in just 1.3 seconds. The fight was for Warrior Challenge Mixed Martial Arts in London, England and it set the world record for the fastest KO in an MMA fight.

Many people cay there seemed to be a weight difference between Garret and his opponent. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is that as soon as the fight started Mike immediatly went for it and landed a devastating right-footed kick to Heron’s face that sent him to the canvas before he could even blink.

As we can see in the introductions, Sam Heron is presented as an independent fighter -which may explain why he didn’t raise his hand to cover himself in the beginning of the fight. To make matters even more shady, the winner is awarded a medal and a promoter immediatly enters the cage to announce to the audience what they just witnessed hasn’t happened in the UFC or any other big promotion.


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