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Video: Watch The Craziest Celebrations In UFC History


There is no feeling like winning. Going to battle and emerging victorious can be a huge release of adrenaline that makes some fighters act on instinct. But there are times when they already know what their celebrations will be once their opponent is defeated.

Today we will go over just five of the craziest celebrations we have seen inside the UFC octagon. From flyweight to heavyweight, it does not matter. In the end they are just men with emotions running wild.

We will begin this list with a bonus video. It is a very original celebration but since it was in Bellator we are not actually including it in the list. Let’s just call it an appetizer.

Michael “Venom” Page – Pokemon

This celebration was funny and very original. It put a nice cherry on the cake for a great win with an espectacular KO finish. However, the bad note was that Page’s opponent -Cyborg Santos- ended up in the hospital with a terrible skull fracture.

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