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Video: Watch Justin Bieber Grapple And Tap Somebody Out

Big time pop star Justin Bieber is a big fan of MMA and of combat sports as well. He has walked out with Floyd Mayweather, trained and sparred with professionals in striking and grappling and is always down to learn something new. Bieber has got a lot of criticism for even showing interest in MMA, but that still doesn’t stop Bieber from trying out new things.

Just recently, there was a video of Justin Bieber rolling with somebody else and Bieber actually seemed somewhat proficient in jiu jitsu. Bieber is not like a Gracie when it comes to the ground, but he does know the skill. The other guy seemed to be quite surprised that Bieber knew what he was doing when it came to submissions.


On the next page is the video of Bieber rolling with the other guy. It is interesting to see a pop star rolling with a guy on the ground.

(click on page #2 tab below to see Justin Bieber tap somebody out)

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