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Video: Watch Classy Guy Joe Lauzon Promising To Help Marcin Held

Backstage in Phoenix, Joe Lauzon talked to Marcin Held’s team and said “I thought 100% Marcin got the fight. I thought I had the first, second and third were close but I thought they were his. I wish he got the win, honestly. It sucks! I got screwed last time, I was in his position last time” Being the class act he has always been, that wasn’t enough for him, so he went back to express his feelings directly to Held.

Joe’s first words to Marcin were “You had the fight, 100%” to which Held replied with a heart-felt “thank you” as both fighters hugged each other and made everyone in the MMA world feel proud of this sport.


The fighters then talked about Lauzon’s last loss which was a split decision to Jim Miller in August of 2016. The vast majority of the MMA world believes Lauzon won, including Marcin Held who expressed that to Joe:

“I was watching your fight and when we were watching this fight with Miller I said ‘ok, this fight he won’. It’s the first time this happens to me so this is the worst feeling, even worse than when you lose the fight.”

“They’re gonna keep you around, don’t worry about that. I’ll be calling, I’ll call. I’ll see Sean Shelby today or tomorrow. They’ll give you another fight.”

(click on the next page to watch the moment in video and see the official scorecard for the fight)

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