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Video: Watch BJJ Star Dillon Danis Insult Jon Jones And Stun Chael Sonnen

On Sunday in Portland, Oregon took place Submission Underground 3. The event had a few things worth noting, for once, it marked the return to competition of suspended Chad Mendes who was once a prominent MMA contender. Chad won his match via rear-naked choke. The other MMA athlete on the card, Brazilian Antonio Carlos Jr. ‘Cara de Sapato’ also came out victorious, leaving a 2-0 record for MMA fighters in the event.

But the biggest highlight of the event came courtesy of BJJ sensation Dillon Danis. He’s become more known for training with Conor MCGregor, but he is a grappling star in his own merit. Danis headlined the event and took home a victory over his rival A.J. Agazarm via fastest escape in overtime.

Much has been said about Dillon’s possible transition to MMA. Some people consider him the Conor McGregor of BJJ, that’s right, Dillon Danis knows his way around the media and how to get under his opponent’s skin.


Last night, after his victory he had a harsh message for Jon Jones who has already competed at Submission Underground, and who Danis claims has been ducking him.

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