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Video: Watch All Of Francis Ngannou Brutal Finishes In MMA

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Francis Ngannou is perhaps the hottest prospect (almost contender) in the heavyweight division. Ngannou’s skill, power and awareness make him a destructive force to be reckon. With impressive performances in all 5 of his UFC appearances, Ngannou seems to be on a path that will undeniably lead to a title shot as early as maybe the end of this year assuming he can fight 2 more times before fall.

Ngannou has shown all his skills during his time with the UFC, from his strength and submission skills against Anthony Hamilton to his brutal KO power against the likes of Andrei Arlovski, Curtis Blaydes, Bojan Mihajlovic and Luis Henrique.

At 6’4 and 260 lbs, Ngannou is as ripped and as athletic as a welterweight. His speed accompanied by the power in his hands make him a very dangerous opponent for anyone in the top 5 of the division.

In case you missed it, this was his latest perfomance, a stunning KO victory against veteran Andrei Arlovski.


(click on page #2 tab to watch a video with all his other victories in MMA)

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