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Video: Watch A Documentary Of Conor McGregor Before Joining The UFC

Today the world knows Conor McGregor as the biggest star in MMA. You can be a fan, a hater, or simply don’t care about the guy one way or another, but you sure do know his name and who he is.

That wasn’t always the case for the current UFC Lightweight Champion. His journey has been long and very entertaining to say the least. Today you can watch the documentary that followed the Irishman’s journey to America and the biggest MMA promotion in the world: The UFC.

Long before Conor McGregor became the international star he is now, before the tattoos, the fancy and expensive cars, the YouTube channel and all the sponsorship deals and media attention he now gets, he was once a humble and hungry fighter looking to make a name for himself.

The documentary was filmed around 2012, when McGregor was fighting under the Cage Warriors MMA banner. Conor became the featherweight champion in June and then, in typical McGregor fashion, refused to defend his belt and instead, convinced the promotion of letting him fight for the lightweight belt. He won that fight in December and closed the year as the promotion’s champion in two weight classes, just as he did in the UFC in 2016.


The documentary was called “The Notorious” and was a joint production of Motive Television and SevereMMA.com. It was released in 2014 and covers all the way up to his first fight in the UFC when he knocked out Marcus Brimage in the first round in the preliminary card in Stockholm, Sweden, in April of 2013.

A lot has changed for McGregor since that first documentary was filmed. He went from collecting welfare checks to get by to being the best paid fighter in MMA. And not to forget he has secured his name makes it into the record books as the first fighter ever to hold belts in 2 different weight classes at the same time.

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