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Video: UFC 209 Backstage Interviews And Post-Fight Press Conference Highlights

UFC 209 will go down in history like one of the most disappointing PPV events in the recent history of the UFC. With the forced cancellation of Khabib vs. Ferguson, which was probably the most exciting fight on the card, all the attention was on the main event, the rematch between Woodley and Thompson.

The fight turned out to be a snoozefest between two guys that were to scared to risk anything and were just playing it safe and hoping to get their hand raised on points alone. 24 minutes of the fight lacked aggressiveness, to say the least. Only in the last 40-50 seconds of the fight did we see one of them go for broke, as defending champion Woodley moved in for the KO.

UFC president Dana White was among the first people to give his thoughts on the fight:

“I thought ‘Wonderboy’ won 3-2, but one of the judges scored the last round 10-8. You know, Woodley came out and made some big claims before the fight about you’d have a definitive answer on who’s the champion. I like Tyron, he’s talented, you’ve heard me say all the things he is before. You can’t be upset if people are whatever now after that second fight, I mean, come on.”


Dana was disappointed about how the fight turned out, but he still defended the fighters from harsh criticism from the fans.

“It’s easy to sit in your seat, drink some beer and eat some popcorn and boo some people. But, you’re not in there fighting Tyron Woodley and Wonderboy.”

(click on page #2 to watch Dana blame Tyron for the fight)

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