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Video: Rin Nakai Lifts Weights Topless “It Would Work”

Rin Nakai is one of the most unusual fighters in the world. She likes to wear crazy outfits and lingerie. She sometimes does not like to wear anything at all. Nakai is original in the way that she promotes herself, but it is in a very sexy way.

“To wear something unique or different than other fighters, people pay more attention to the promotion. I think this is part of my honor to get more attention from the fans.”

“Pancrase had asked for something once a week for promotion, so I had to figure something out.”

“I want not just MMA fans, but ordinary people to watch my videos. My interest is that people who don’t have any idea about MMA watch my videos and might start to watch MMA and the UFC.”

(transcript via bjpenn.com)


On the next page, Nakai does some bent over rows topless. Her body looks fantastic and she shows how she keeps her very muscular frame.

(click on the page #2 tab below to see Rin Nakai lift weights topless)

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