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Video: ‘Raging’ Al Iaquinta Goes Off At Ariel Helwani For Twisting His Words

UFC lightweight ‘Raging’ Al Iaquinta will finally step back into the octagon on April 22nd when he faces veteran Diego Sanchez in the co main event in Nashville, Tennessee.

Iaquinta has been on the sideline since his controversial victory over Jorge Masvidal by split decision in April of 2015. Al was considered for the historic UFC 205 card in the UFC’s debut in New York, however, financial differences with the promotion kept him out.

Now, although he says he hasn’t signed a contract yet and there are some medical bills that still need to be taken care of, he’s set to return to the cage. That doesn’t mean the terms in his contract changed, but as he says it, it just means that he needs to fight and make a living.

Iaquinta was on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani this week and things got heated as Helwani asked him what had changed to make him take the fight.

“I’m still not happy with the contract but what the hell am I going to do? Just ******* wait and sit here and do nothing?”


Iaquinta went on to talk about being the co main event and questioning the salaries of people involved in the card, particularly Lobov being the main event and Helwani then asked him if he thought that was fair or if he believed he and Diego should be headlining.

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