Video: MVP Does Rousey Dance And Travis Browne Tweets His Reaction

As you can see below, Travis Browne is not happy and would welcome a fight with MVP. He later deleted this Tweet, but pictures of it have been saved. Most likely he did this out of anger and decided to erase the tweet for publicity sake.

There is no word of Page’s reaction to Browne, but it is doubtful that he wants to start a fight with a very large UFC heavyweight like Travis Browne. Browne has other things on his mind at this point as he is now training for his fight in February at UFC 208 with Derrick Lewis.

It is uncertain that the beef between Browne and MVP will continue, but maybe it will just fade away now that Browne has to focus on his big fight with Lewis. Page is not scheduled to fight anyone at the moment, but hopefully he can finally fight a title contender that will test him at the next level.
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