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Video: Josh Koscheck Still Thinks He Is Cool At Age 39

Josh Koscheck is headed back to the cage after 2 years off and also is on a 5-fight losing streak. Koscheck is an original cast member of The Ultimate fighter and came into the sport as mainly a wrestler. He eventually turned into a knockout artist in the UFC, but then he ran into UFC freight trains Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley and his career has not looked that great since.

Koscheck is 39 years old and he will be facing 36 year old Mauricio Alonso. Alonso is on a 2-fight win streak and is a very talented MMA fighter. His name is not well-known, but he has been in the sport for quite a while. There is already speculation of the Koscheck/Daley fight, but Koscheck is primarily focused on his fight with Alonso.

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On the next page, Josh Koscheck talks about his fight tomorrow and how he thinks he still has it at age 39.

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