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Video: Joe Rogan Willing To Fight Wesley Snipes

Joe Rogan has actually been scheduled to Face Wesley Snipes in an MMA fight at one point in the past. Wesley Snipes is famous for being a boxer in the movie ‘Undisputed’ and is a physical athlete that is always in shape. Joe Rogan is currently a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt that was a brown belt at the time that the fight was lined up.

Rogan was actually in a training camp to fight Snipes and realized how much training it takes to be an MMA fighter. Snipes was facing some legal trouble at the time and it is possible that Snipes just needed the money. Rogan was actually dead set on having this fight, but of course it never ended up happening. Rogan figured that he would have easily choked Snipes out without any problems.


On the next page is the video of Joe Rogan talking about fighting Wesley Snipes and he tells how close it was to this fight actually happening.

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