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Video: Holly Holm Looks Fit And Hot At Weigh-Ins

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm will be fighting for the new UFC women’s featherweight crown tomorrow against Germaine De Randamie at UFC 208. It will be exciting to see Holm face another high-caliber striker and we will also get to see what Holm an De Randamie can do at a more natural weight class. Both of them are quite long and tall and the cut to 135 was a bit hard for them.

Holm weighed in this morning and was able to make weight without any problems. De Randamie also made weight as well. Both of them look a lot more healthy than they used to when they weighed in at bantamweight and it is certain that this move to 145 will be quite a bit more healthy for them in the long run.


On the next page are the weigh-in videos of both Holm and De Randamie. Holm looked spectacular as she weighed in earlier this morning.

(click on page #2 tab below to see the weigh-in videos)

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