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Video Highlights: Anderson Silva Finally Wins Another Fight

The co main event of UFC 208 gave us the opportunity to see the legend Anderson Silva make his return to the octagon since taking a light heavyweight bout on extremely short notice for UFC 200. His opponent was Derek Brunson, who was looking to propel his title aspirations at the expense of ‘The Spider’.

The fight began a little slow, Brunson, giving too much respect to the legend, was not following his usual style of high pace and haymakers since the start of the fight, which allowed Silva to manage the distance and become comfortable in the Octagon.

Brunson tried to take the fight to the ground several times, but was brilliantly denied by Silva in most occasions. He did however land a few uppercuts from the clinch. And when he was able to take Silva to the mat, it was actually the Brazilian who scored more points despite being under Brunson.


Tonight Silva gave his best performance in years and even had time to try some of the fancy moves only he could throw.

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