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Video: Grandma Cerrone Broke Jorge Masvidal’s Heart After Beating ‘Cowboy’

Jorge ‘Gamebred’ Masvidal may have shocked fans with his win at UFC on Fox 23 over local Donald Cerrone in Denver, Colorado. He was quick to say that in his book this wasn’t the best nor the biggest win of his career, maybe only the biggest inside the UFC.

“I’ll let the fans say that, it may be my biggest win the UFC, but I’ve been all over the world kicking butt for a long time before I got here. In my book, it’s not the biggest, but in the UFC people can rank it wherever they want, but I fought some greats back then outside of the UFC.”

Masvidal likes to play the bad guy ahead of his fights and try to get under people’s skin and in their heads. But after the fight is over and he’s out of the cage he is one of the classiest fighters in the sport. As he normally does with every opponent Masvidal wanted to show his respect for Donald Cerrone.

“After the stoppage, I looked over when he stood up I looked right in his eyes and he was completely out of it. When he sat down and then about 25 seconds later I managed to get eye-contact from him, he wasn’t looking at me, but he was looking around and I could see he was still out of it.”


“The guy is a warrior. The shot that I hit him with and the shots that I hit him with on the ground, not a lot of dudes would want to get back up and keep going, but he gave it all he had. He has all my respect in the world.”

(Click on the next page to watch Masvidal share what Cowboy’s grandma said to him after the fight)

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