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Video: Ferguson Says The Next Time Khabib And His Crew Surround Him, It’s On!

Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson and Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov will be the co main event at UFC 209 as both men are trying to get the UFC’s lightweight belt, but perhaps most importantly (even though they would never admit it), the winner will earn a golden ticket to the biggest money fight of their career: a unification bout against Conor McGregor, unless he vacates the title without ever defending it… it has happened.

Both men have gone on record to say they believe this is the real fight for the belt as they believe either one of them would have no problem to beat Conor McGregor. They have shown each other some respect as athletes but they don’t necessarily like each other, the trash talk during the week was pretty intense.

And it seems like it went a little bit further than just trash talk during fight week. According to Ferguson, Khabib and his team surrounded him to intimidate him. Ferguson talks about that incident and sends a warning to ‘The Eagle’ if that were to ever happen again, anywhere.


Tony Ferguson starts to get angry as he talks about the issue and warns Khabib not to try that again.

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