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Video: Do UFC Fighters Want To See McGregor Fight Mayweather?

The hottest topic in the Mixed Martial Arts world this week has been the potential Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather boxing match. While the idea first appeared as nothing short of a pipe dream over a year ago, it now seems like it could actually happen. At least all the major players involved have begun to send messages to each other through the media.

People are loving the idea and the hype behind it is getting ridiculous. The fight makes no sense at all, but there’s not a single soul on the planet who can say they follow combat sports and would not watch this fight. You may not want it to happen, but if it does you are surely going to watch it and you know it.

Well, today John Morgan of MMA Junkie had the opportunity to sit down with 4 fighters on the main card of UFC Fight Night 103 and asked them if they would like to watch that fight.


Welterweights Ben Saunders and Court McGee, as well as lightweights Joe Lauzon and Marcin Held shared their opinions on the matter.

“On a personal level I wanna see him defend the title.”
“I don’t think it would be super competitive”.
“Who wouldn’t watch it?”
“It’s an interesting match up”

So each fighter started with a different opening statement and made an argument for different things. The implications for the UFC and the lightweight division, Conor’s actual chances in a boxing ring against Floyd, the difficulty of transitioning to another discipline and even McGregor running his mouth were mentioned.

Even the controversial topic of the excessive interim belts circulating around in the past year was discussed as a possible effect of McGregor fighting Mayweather. In the end, it’s undeniable that people want to see this fight happen.

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