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Video: Bethe Correia Celebrates ‘Draw’ With Signature Booty Dance

Bethe Correia is a top 10 UFC women’s bantamweight that fought to a draw against Marion Reneau just last night in Brazil. Correia was first on the map in MMA for her back-to-back wins over Ronda Rousey’s ‘Horsewomen’ teammates Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke. Correia was then knocked out by Ronda Rousey in just 34 seconds. Now might be the time for Correia to call out Rousey again now that Rousey has lost a lot of confidence in her skills as of late.


Another thing that Bethe Correia is known for is her amazing booty and ‘booty dance’ to go along with her fighting skill. She usually does this dance following a finish or win. She was confident that she won last Saturday and she did the booty dance, but the fight ended up being a majority draw against Reneau.


On the next page, Correia does her signature booty dance, but this ended up being in celebration of a draw.

(click on page #2 to see Bethe Correia do her booty dance on video)

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