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UFC Cuts Two Top 10 Welterweights And 1 Light Heavyweight

Heads continue to roll in the UFC. As the new rankings were revealed on Wednesday, some remarkable absences were noticed. As it turns out, the 3 top ranked fighters who no longer appear on the official UFC rankings available at UFC.com have all reached the end of their contracts and from the look of it they will not be offered an extension.

Something similar happened last week when top ranked flyweight fighters Ali Bagautinov and Zach Makovsky were released from the promotion. However both Bagautinov and Makovsky had lost their 3 most recent fights. This time things are different, the organization decided to part ways with 2 fighters that had real possibilities of fighting for the belt in the near future, and with one welterweight who had 19 fights in the UFC for a decent record of 12-7.

Mikhail ‘Misha’ Cirkunov was a solid prospect in the light heavyweight division. He was ranked #8, with a record of 13-2, on a winning streak of 8 fights and winner of his 4 UFC fights by stoppage. With such an impressive résumé it’s hard to understand why the UFC wouldn’t renew his contract.


(click on the second page tab below to learn who are the 2 ranked welterweight fighters who were cut)

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