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UFC Bullies Coaches Into Subscribing To Fight Pass -No, It’s Not A Joke

The UFC has become a 4 billion-dollar company and it seems like the new owners want to recover their investment as soon as possible. Following a weekend of massive roster downsizing, the company has gone to new lengths to try and make some extra money at the expense of its own employees (the fighters).

Brandon ‘Six Gun’ Gibson, the striking coach at renown gym Jackson Wink, has tweeted that the UFC sent out an email informing fighters and their coaches that fight tape will no longer be made available by the UFC and they will need to turn to Fight Pass.

He went on to try and explain how big the problem is, and invited people to think if they could another big company like the NFL told their coaches to record the games they wanted to study. Gibson assured that fight tape leads to better fights and more finishes. He also emphasized that Fight Pass is not offered to the camps so they will need to pay for the streaming service.


He also made it clear that it’s not about the money, he just believes Fight Pass is not the right tool for the job, as there are a few complication in the interface and features the service offers. It is possible the UFC receives some heat for this and it could actually be taken back as people are starting to raise their voice in social media, and surely fighters and coaches will join the conversation as well.

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