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Tyron Woodley Explains Why GSP Wouldn’t Fight Him

Tyron Woodley is the current welterweight champion and will go for his second defense this weekend against Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson. With the announcement of Georges St-Pierre’s return to the octagon, the logic assumption was that he would try to fight the winner and try to get his belt back.

However, it was announced today that GSP will challenge Michael Bisping for the middleweight belt. This may come as a surprise for many, but not for Woodley, who talked to ESPN about the issue and was very clear on the reasons why the Canadian wouldn’t be interested in fighting him.


“Let’s not get it twisted, part of the reason he left the sport was concussions. He doesn’t seem to be extremely thrilled to get in there with somebody that can punch him to the point of getting dropped and suffering a concussion – an ugly, grueling fight.”

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