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Two Former Featherweight Contenders Agree To Fight On Social Media

With the direction the new management of the UFC seems to be taking and the popularity of social media, it has become essential for a fighter with title (or stardom) aspirations to know their way around social media and be able to engage fellow fighters to try and make a rivalry or at the very least, get people to rally for a fight.

Nowadays we are even starting to see fighters who usually preferred to keep a low profile, work their way around social media to try and make people interested in a fight. The most recent name to join the list is none other tham Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar.

Known for his quiet personality as well as for being the type of fighter who doesn’t like to talk trash and prefers to let his skils talk inside the cage, Frankie has started to explore that aspect of the fight game. Just last year he actually tried to fight Conor McGregor as he recalls.


“That was a fight I was looking for a while, and it just didn’t happen. I had an opportunity this summer to be the interim champion and make that happen, but Aldo won it, and didn’t end up fighting Conor. If I won, maybe I could have, who knows? He’s the biggest name our sport has seen. He’s doing great things for the numbers of our sport and everything. He’s a guy I’d definitely like to have on my record before it’s all said and done.”

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