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Top 5 Pull-Outs In The History Of The UFC

With Every UFC event, there is the fear that a fighter will have to pull out of the event due to injury or a bad weight cut. At least with an injury, there is usually time to replace the fighter. When something happens during the weight cut, the fight is usually scrapped and might be postponed for later in hopes that the fight will be scheduled again.

Khabib Injured

It seems when everything is going right in the UFC when it comes to a card, something has to go wrong. The feature of this article is the top 5 pull-outs before a UFC event and there have definitely been some doosies when it comes down to the wire.


On the next 5 pages are the top 5 pull-outs in the history of the UFC. You be the judge as to which is the best one. There are quite a few in history to choose from.

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