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Video: Watch Tony Fergusons Predict “Little B**ch” McGregor’s Future

UFC 209 will offer one of the most awaited and potentially exciting fights of the year when lightweight top contenders Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov and Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson face off to determine who earns the right to hold the interim title of the division and gets to welcome back Conor McGregor and try to unifiy the belt.

Promotion of the fight has officially begun and when Tony Ferguson was asked about how he feels considering the belt is interim and not the real thing he was pretty clear.

“Well, it is pretty real if you can touch it, right? But it doesn’t matter, if Conor is going to go away for a second and do his thing I’ll give him a pass. I’m not gonna bug nor pollute his Twitter. Go ahead, go handle it, but you’ll still have my 155 belt. You need to defend it, don’t be a b**ch. Don’t run away from this, you’ve never defended anything, don’t run away from this, I’m gonna welcome you back, man.”

In another interview his message to Conor was a little more aggressive as well as foretelling.

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