TJ Dillashaw Gives Details About Cody Garbrandt Knocking Him Out In Sparring

Garbrandt had made it known to other media sources that he had actually knocked out Dillashaw in practice when the trained together and Dillashaw spoke to clear things up about that, but claimed there wasn’t really much contention between them.

“I got no bad blood with the guy, I think he talks a little bit of crap and he likes to lie a little bit. He supposedly has said that he’s knocked me out in practice, which is a complete lie because I’ve never been knocked out in practice, especially by him.”

Hopefully we will get an announcement about these two amazing fighters soon so that this amazing rivalry can turn into a fight that takes place in the UFC Octagon. This bout has a very good storyline behind it and Dillashaw is clearly the #1 contender in the bantamweight division. Unless they give Dominick Cruz a rematch, there is not really anyone else that makes sense other than Dillashaw.

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