TJ Dillashaw Gives Details About Cody Garbrandt Knocking Him Out In Sparring

It is possible for Cody Garbrandt’s 1st title defense to be against his former Team Alpha Male teammate TJ Dillashaw. Garbrandt claims that he actually knocked Dillashaw out while they were sparring once in practice.

Dillashaw was first of all asked by about his thoughts on Garbrandt and this was Dillashaw’s reply:

“He’s always been good, he’s fast, he hits hard. I think he’s kinda a little one dimensional. He’s a good fighter, he’s got good wrestling, but if you watch his style, all he’s really got, he bum rushes you with hooks. Kinda like the Wanderlei [Silva] style, Wanderlei punches. He’s good, he’s athletic.I knew he was going to make his way up the ranks in the UFC,” he continued. “He’s done a good job.”


It is surprising that Dillashaw was that complimentary of Garbrandt because of Garbrant’s claim of knocking him out. Dillashaw has not really been known as that big of a trash-talker and realizes that he has been an enemy to quite a few people since he left Team Alpha Male.

Garbrandt was able to solve the puzzle of the very dominant Dominick Cruz just this last Saturday. Garbrandt displayed quite a bit of showboating, but was able to keep an amazing pace for 5 rounds and was even able to knock Cruz down a few times. Garbrandt has already received criticism about showboating while he should have been going for the finish, but Garbrandt claims that he knows that Cruz recovers quick and is not knocked out easily because he has a big head.

Hopefully the UFC will make Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt for Garbrant’s first title defense, but that is up to the matchmakers and we will have to see what happens. On the next page, Dillashaw gives the details of the time that Garbrant supposedly knocked him out.

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