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Tim Tebow Talks About Potentially Transitioning To MMA

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is now playing minor league baseball, but has been in talks about going into MMA for a long time.


Tebow is good at every sport he enters and a lot of people believe that he can make the transition to MMA.

Fighters such as Brendan Schuab and Matt Mitrione have made the transition really well, but even Schuab admits that Tebow could be a UFC champion one day if he switched over to MMA.


It is certain that Tebow can do anything that he puts his mind to and that is proven. Tebow gets a lot of criticism for continually trying in different sports.

The thing is, if Tebow has the ability to perform, he might as well try. It would be very interesting to see what he could do in MMA.

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