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Throwback Tuesday: Watch GSP vs BJ Penn 2 At UFC 94 (Jan. 31, 2009)

It was the biggest fight of Georges St-Pierre career up to that moment, and against BJ Penn, the UFC welterweight champion delivered a master class. He completely shut down the lightweight champion and forced a stoppage at the end of the fourth round.

GSP took advantage of his size and bullied Penn into the fence, although he was unable to secure a takedown he made sure to score enough points to take the first round. The second round was similar, after trading a few shot with Penn, St-Pierre took him to the fence and eventually to the ground where he dominated from side control and landed some good strikes.

For the third GSP opened with some good punches that made BJ’s nose bleed. Moments later the Canadian took the fight to the ground again and crushed Penn with some vicious ground and pound. Halfway through the round Penn managed to get up and tried to score a takedown, only to have GSP reverse the position and slam him to the ground one more time.


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