The Best/Worst Memes Of Ronda Rousey’s Defeat At UFC 207

Much had been said in anticipation to the most awaited return in MMA this year. With a polarizing personality and a chip on her shoulder, Ronda Rousey decided to blow off all of her media obligations ahead of UFC 207. This decision had a mixed reception, the media complained about Dana White caving in to her whim; her fans accepted it hoping she would focus on the fight and come out victorious; her haters saw it as one more example of her arrogance.

The result? She looked terrible and got destroyed by the bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds. The hordes of haters relished on Ronda’s defeat, -which at least, seems like it could have been the last of her MMA career, and turned to their weapon of choice to lash one last attack on the most popular female in the history of the UFC.

Here’s a gallery with some of the memes that spawned after UFC 207:

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