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Serious Stakes Are At Risk For Alvarez Vs. McGregor At UFC 205

This is a high stakes fight for Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez. Each fighter has talked a lot and there is a lot at stake regarding the future of their careers. McGregor is the PPV king of the UFC and Alvarez wants to take that crown away from him.

Below and on the next few pages are 5 main points of what is at stake for McGregor and Alvarez for UFC 205. This is speculated to be the biggest fight in UFC history and so much is at stake.

1. To Be The King Of The UFC

McGregor is by far the king of the UFC at this point. He was able to overcome Nate Diaz in the rematch and will now fight for the title. With a loss to Alvarez, he loses all the hype and momentum that he once had.

Alvarez has this opportunity to shine more than ever. To be in the main event against Conor McGregor in Madison Square Garden is huge. If he wins, he will rise as one of the biggest stars in the UFC. If he loses, he’ll be known as just another guy that lost to McGregor.

Eddie - Conor

One of these faces will be the king of the UFC before the night is over. They better have prepared for the fight of their lives.

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