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Ronda’s Sparring Partners Expose Edmond’s Untrue Stories

Since Ronda Rousey was destroyed by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, much of the criticism has been on her training camp and specifically on her controversial coach Edmond Tarverdyan. Rousey was known for her superb judo skills and that feared armbar that made her a star.

However, coach Tarverdyan decided to make her a striker, or at least make her believe she was. Edmond always told the media that Rousey was dropping a boxing world champion in sparring, and that she could walk right into boxing and become a world champion.

Diana Prazak, WBC boxing champion, and Olympian boxer Mikaela Mayer were the women brought in as sparring partners for the former UFC bantamweight champion. They recently spoke to Sky Sports and both said things weren’t as good as her camp liked to tell the media. Prazak was the first to speak:

“She was stiff, she’s not a striker, and you don’t punch a puncher. She’s not a boxer, that’s not something you pick up in a couple of months. I started working with Ronda over two years ago but, but when she was going to fight Holly Holm, they stopped me being her sparring partner. Our spars were always battles, they were harder than the fights she was having. We had great sparring – she was getting better. My opinion? It wouldn’t have been good for her confidence to keep sparring me, and not being successful. Edmond made that decision. She isn’t a striker.”


Diana went a bit further and mentioned that the famous story about Ronda dropping a boxing world champion in training was specifically referring to her. Which was never true.

“He was talking about me. My trainer rang him to say ‘why would you make that up?’ It’s an untruth. I hope she comes back with a totally different team around her who look after her safety.”

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