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Yoel Romero Makes Fun Of Michael Bisping On The Internet… Again

Yoel Romero is one of those controversial fighters you either hate or you love. And rightfully so, he has been known for bending the rules using every single trick in the book, and so far he has been able to get away with it.

The one thing he also does and has actually earned him some points with the fans is troll Michael Bisping -another one of those polarizing fighters. All things aside, it’s also undeniable that Romero earned his way up the rankings with 6 knockouts in his 8 fights under the UFC banner, and he remains undefeated -even though Tim Kennedy might disagree with that statement.

In his latest fight he defeated former Middleweight champion Chris Weidman with a devastating flying knee at UFC 205 and established himself as the number one contender, benefiting from the fact that Jacare Souza and Luke Rockhold were unable to fight to make the decision harder on Dana.


Now that Romero has been told by Dana White himself that he’ll fight Bisping for the belt. Yoel has been poking fun at Bisping on social media. He might have taken things too far this time.

(click on page #2 to see Romero’s inappropriate trolling)

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