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Report: Conor McGregor Meets With Italian Billionaire Royalty

Conor McGregor has taken the sport of MMA to new levels. Ronda Rousey made a big push and was the biggest superstar before McGregor, but he has made a splash that will most likely not be matched for a long time. Conor McGregor backs up what he says and does not make a move without a small price.


McGregor has recently met with some royalty of Italian billionaires. It is unknown what this meeting was exactly about, but it is certain that they would not just meet with him for no reason. A lot of people are big fans of McGregor and it is possible that the people in this family are just big fans of him.


On the next page, McGregor talks about the dinner and meeting that he had with this Billionaire family. This could end up being a bigger surprise than we think.

(click on page #2 tab below to hear about McGregor’s meeting with the billionaire family)

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