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Guest Octagon Girl?

8 Reasons Kim Kardashian Could Be A Guest Octagon Girl

Kim Kardashian ‘West’ is one of the most gorgeous women in the world. Everyone knows her and millions of men across the world fantasize about her. The UFC has had guest Octagon Girls before, but this would be on another level.

Of course it is the fighters that will bring people to the stadium, but Octagon Girls can always help. Brittney, Arianny and all the others are just fine, but everyone is used to them.

Kardashian has the superstar image along with enough controversy to intrigue an audience. She looks spectacular and her sex appeal is through the roof.

1. Star Power


Kardashian is well known and if she was just an Octagon Girl at at UFC event. It would attract many of the casual fans. It would most likely increase stadium sales as well because people would get to see her in person.

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