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Realistic Fights (And One Absurd) For Georges St-Pierre’s Return

With the UFC in desperate need of a star due to Rousey’s loss, Jones’ problems and McGregor’s vacation, Georges St-Pierre finds himself in a good position to negotiate with Dana White. Reports surfaced this week indicating that an angreement between the parts is imminent and so is GSP’s return.

So that raises the question, who should be in charge of the welcoming committee? Georges St-Pierre has been away from the sport for over three years. When he walked away he was considered by many to be the most dominant champion in the history of the UFC, or at least in the history of the welterweight division. So a fight for the welterweight belt makes the most sense in this situation, whoever wins between Tyron ‘The Chosen One’ Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson secures a huge pay day and an opportunity to share the cage with a true legend of the sport.


The fight wouldn’t make record numbers but it would get attention, mainly because of St-Pierre, but there could be other fights with chances to set new PPV records.

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