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Paige VanZant Takes Over The Kitchen On Instagram

Paige VanZant is perhaps the biggest new name in women’s MMA in terms of overall popularity. She’s still miles away from a star like Gina Carano and even further from Ronda Rousey, but she’s getting there.

Paige is part of the new generation of fighters who make a name for themselves inside the octagon with their fighting skills and outside the cage through their social media. Her fighting talent has been questioned more than once but even with her ups and downs she has shown that she belongs and has a real shot at UFC gold one day.

Paige has been on the Hollywood spotlight after her sensational participation in Dancing with the Stars. She even turned down movie roles to focus back on the fighting game and return to Team Alpha Male to continue pursuing her dream of being the UFC champion one day.


Where she is a champion already is in Instagram with over 1.3 million followers. Her latest post has men from all over the world eager to be in the kitchen!

(click on page #2 below to see Paige get sexy in the kitchen)

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