‘No Love’ But A Huge Heart. The Story Of Cody Garbrandt And Maddux Maple

Now, almost two years after that first debut fight in the UFC, Cody fought for a title — and gave the performance of his life. The first thing he did with the belt was put it around Maddux’s waist.

A screenshot was posted by Cody’s manager showing a conversation between he and Cody a few days before the fight. His manager offered to have a replica belt made for Maddux, but Cody wanted the real belt given to him instead.


Back in 2011 nobody would have thought the story would play out like it has. It is something straight out of a Hollywood script. Both men will forever share the memories from their struggle to the biggest victories of their lives.

But most importantly, their story will give strength to thousands -maybe even millions- of people who have been close to giving up. You may not like Cody Garbrandt the fighter but you have to respect the man.

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