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Newly Crowned Champion Cody Garbrandt Now Agrees With Conor McGregor

Cody Garbrandt defeated one of MMA’s future legends. ‘No Love’ dismantled Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 on December 30 in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. During his octagon interview he immediatly had words for his former Team Alpha Male teammate TJ Dillashaw. TJ had put on a dominant performance himself a few minutes earlier as he beat #2 bantamweight John Lineker. During his interview Dillashaw said he believed Cruz would come out victorious over Garbrandt and he then claimed he deserved the rematch and the shot for the title.

After beating Cruz, Garbrandt finished his interview on a strong note by addressing Dillashaw:

“TJ Dillashaw, come try me, motherf***er!”

However, at the post- fight press conference Garbrandt started singing a different tune as he stated he would like to give Dominick Cruz a rematch. Days later he started calling out people from different divisions in an attempt to get “The Money Fight” -a term that the new generation of UFC fighters are very fond of nowadays.


Garbrandt went on record to say he’d rather fight Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor before giving TJ Dillashaw a shot because “He doesn’t even draw Pay-Per-View buys”. He has been champion for less than 2 weeks and already feels entitled to call the shots.

His case is starting to look similar to that of welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, who immediatly after winning the belt claimed it was time to look for the money fights. Luckily for the sport, none of his plans worked out and he was forced to fight ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson in what turned out to be a fun fight to watch.

Garbrandt has taken to Twitter to express his thoughts and in a shocking move, decided to mention Conor McGregor and say he was right about TJ Dillashaw. Apparently he has changed his mind since TUF 22 when he was eager to get into a brawl with the Irish for dissing Dillashaw.

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