New Conor McGregor ‘Touchbutt’ Video Released

Even though Nate Diaz referred to Ido as “That dork in the park”, Ido studies many forms of movement on a daily basis and still has a lot to teach McGregor. McGregor literally “does not give a f**k what people say about his training and even though he might look strange to others, he knows that he can benefit from Ido’s training.

As shown in the video below, McGregor’s training can get pretty intense when it comes to movement and this also keeps him in great shape. In the first Diaz bout, McGregor learned that cardio was his weakness, so if he can learn to enhance his efficiency, he will not have to worry about his cardio as much. What McGregor was used to in the featherweight division was putting his opponents away when his punches landed, but Diaz was able to take everything McGregor had and that is what initially threw off McGregor.

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