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Video: Nate Diaz On UFC 205: “They Gave My Seat To Nick Jonas”

Nate Diaz claims the UFC didn’t want him at UFC 205 on Saturday. In an interview that aired on Tuesday on ESPN, Diaz said he thinks the UFC tried to keep him out of Madison Square Garden.

Nate believes the promotion didn’t want to let him steal any attention from Conor. Keep in mind that both McGregor and Diaz have said they want the trilogy fight. However, Dana White doesn’t see this eye to eye with the fighters.

“The UFC knows that [the trilogy fight] is a bad idea for him. Why didn’t I get tickets to this fight? I said, ‘I’ll leave him alone. I don’t want to fight the guy. Just let me get a seat.’ Me and my brother, they didn’t want to let either one of us in. They want to hide me out, I think. Put him on more of a pedestal than they have already. It’s whatever though.”

Conor vs Nate 3

Dana White refused tickets to the Diaz brothers, but that didn’t keep them out of the building. The brothers were sitting in a club box.

“As soon as [McGregor wins], hundreds of people are turning around and staring at me. And I’m like, ‘Hey, what do you want me to do? The UFC didn’t even want to give me tickets to this fight. I think they gave Nick Jonas my seat.”

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