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Massive Cuts In The UFC, Over 30 Fighters Get Axed On Freaky Friday

The UFC released a record number of fighters this Friday. It’s no secret that the new management is interested in downsizing and has been doing so every week, but nobody saw this coming, particularly because the list includes some relevant names and ranked fighters, all of which have now been removed from the rankings.

Although there are a few names on the list that were inactive and it seemed very unlikely they were going to return, like heavyweight Brock Lesnar or recently retired middleweight Tim Kennedy, there are also other names that come as a surprise like Mexican bantamweight Erik ‘Goyito’ Perez who is 7-2 in the UFC and is riding a 3-fight winning streak, not to mention how marketable he is in Mexico.

Another thing worth noting is that the list doesn’t include fighters who are currently in negotiations or others that are about to reach the end of their contracts like Hector Lombard and Johny Hendricks who were thought to be fighting for a spot on the roster, but now it may well be the going away fight for both.


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