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Video: Mackenzie Dern Talks About Tapping Out Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey seems to be done with MMA and wants to transition to something else in her life. Mackenzie Dern is relatively new to MMA, but would love to compete with Ronda Rousey in a grappling match. Dern is a BJJ world champion and has even won against Gabi Garcia in a competition (which Garcia is easily 100 lbs more than Dern).


Ronda Rousey did say in her MMA career that she could submit any BJJ champion out there. Judo does relate to Jiu Jitsu quite a bit, but BJJ is a different animal when it comes to submissions. It’s uncertain if Rousey would ever compete in a grappling competition, but Dern might as well give it a try to really put herself on the map.


On the next page, Mackenzie Dern talks in a video about what would happen in a grappling match and how many times that she would tap Rousey out.

(click on page #2 to see the video of Dern talking about how many times she would tap Rousey out)

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