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Bringing sexy back!
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Layne ‘Bear’ Marr Is Bringing Sexy Back To Higher Women’s Weightclasses

Layne ‘Bear’ Marr is a fighter out of Battle Arts Academy in Mississauga, Canada. She trains all aspects of MMA and looks good doing it. She has participated in Muay Thai and kickboxing bouts. Marr is a gorgeous woman that plans on bringing sexy back to the higher weightclasses of women’s MMA.

Marr has competed at 155 lb bouts in the past, but she would be willing to go down to 145 for MMA. She walks around at 160-165 during training season, but is a bit more than that in the offseason. She is tall for her division, but uses it to her advantage.

Along with being a fighter, Marr is also a model too. She is a plus-size model and damn proud of it. Many refer to her as an ambassador of curves and she does a damn good job doing it too.

Marr has thousands of followers on her Instagram account and it is easy to see why. Her posts reflect an enthusiastic and very optimistic approach to life in every message. She also has some very sexy and provocative photos as well.

As shown, Marr is extremely confident and wears paint very well. She has haters say mean things once in a while, but it does not break her confident stride at all. On the next 4 pages are some more sexy photos of this gorgeous woman and fighter.

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