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Jose Aldo Challenges ‘Loud Mouth’ UFC Fighter To A Street Fight

For as long as the date for the bout to unify the UFC Featherweight title between interim champion Max Holloway and Undisputed champion Jose Aldo remains a mystery, both fighters will continue to trade shots in the media. Ever since he won the interim belt the Hawaiian has been making fun of Aldo by calling him Jose Waldo and accusing him of not setting a date for the fight.

As we should remember, after disposing of Anthony Pettis at UFC 206, Holloway said he would be ready to face Aldo as early as UFC 208 (which takes place this Saturday in Brooklyn). A few days later Holloway claimed he needed to heal some injuries and also film the movie. “Den of Thieves”.

Max Holloway was in Houston for UFC Fight Night 104 and footage of him wearing a ‘Where’s Waldo’ t-shirt and making jokes backstage has been released. This didn’t sit well with Brazilian Jose Aldo who is tired of Holloway’s games and challenged him to go to Brazil and fight him.


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