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Video: Joe Rogan Explains Why He Never Fought In The UFC

For years, people have tried to speculate why Joe Rogan has never fought in the UFC. He is in great shape, has so much knowledge of MMA and was a Taekwondo champion. Joe mentioned how obsessive he got with Taekwondo and mentioned:

I was getting headaches too, just from sparring. I did not spar smart. I sparred meathead style. I know a lot more today than I ever did then as far as consequences and what is important and how to learn better. It wasn’t calculated and intelligent. [It was] just being obsessed, constantly training all the day.


On the next page, Joe Rogan goes in depth in a video while he answers kickboxing champion Joseph Valtellini’s question about never fighting in the UFC.

(click on page #2 tab below to hear Joe Rogan’s reason for never fighting in the UFC)

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